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Many people have wondered why acid reflux requires a helper. Eat only turmeric Will get better Do not waste expensive money To go to buy medicine But do you know that?
Common turmeric as well. Why do not you eat after eating? Because Green Curmin Green Curmin is an acid reflux herb that helps treat Gastroesophageal reflux, Gastroenteritis, or gastrointestinal tract. To really be healed You can also eat another turmeric. Today we come to find the answer for you. First of all, do you know that turmeric has two very obvious drawbacks?
1. insoluble in water
2. When encountering acid or alkaline conditions Destroyed immediately
Therefore, eating another turmeric Very difficult to see results because of the 2 reasons above Therefore there is a clear comparison
Green Curmin 1 capsule contains 30 mg of curcuminoids.
1 capsule of common turmeric contains 0.05 mg of curcuminoids.
Green Kamin Capsule, 32 baht per
Therefore, having to consume up to 600 capsules of turmeric (2 baht per capsule) in order to obtain 30 mg of curcuminoids.
2 baht x 600 capsules = 1,200 baht
Think about it. If you have to eat this much How long does it take to get rid of the benefits of Green Curmin Green Curmin herbal acid reflux that is different from common turmeric?

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